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THE ODOI, Accra View Project
Signum Development
THE ODOI Development Project


Are you looking to buy the ideal property but can't yet afford it? There are many amazing property deals that might just be within your budget on meqasa. Some of our trusted property developers and agents offer mouth-watering deals so you too can purchase that beautiful house you dream of.

The best way to find the best property is to search, compare and investigate before committing real money to the seller. Properties for sale in Ghana are normally rented on a 24 months period or purchased with cash or mortgaged through some banks. Mortgage-based property deals are most likely targeted to government workers with good credit scores.

Property prices range from area to area based on the demand and supply in the real estate market in Ghana. A two bedroom self-contain for rent might be 5 times higher than a 3 bedroom self-contain house in Kumasi or Takoradi.

Luxury homes are priced from $800,000 to $2,000,000. And Estate houses are sold from $400,000 to $600,000 for a 3bedroom - 4 bedroom house. 4 bedroom Old houses for sale in Accra or uncompleted 4 bedroom houses might cost from $400,000 to $600,000

Property Buying Checklist

  • Do your homework:
    Search for information about the property. Area landmarks, Amenities, Schools especially if you have children and want your children to school not far from your home. Also if possible, the area must be nearer to your office or workplace for your convenience.
  • Check Area:
    Visit the area you want to live in different seasonal times. Most of the time, it must be during the raining season so you can check whether the area is water-logged.
  • Be Critical When Viewing Property: ,
    Check for the plot characteristics. is the place steep or flat? Is the place a busy place or an isolated place. Will you spend extra money renovating the place? And in case you want to renovate the place, be mindful of the budget or cost so you don't underestimate.
  • Quiz the Agent:
    Most of the time, when the place is referred by an Agent, Ask how long the property has been on the market? How many offers are there? Answers to the above questions might give you credible information for your property acquisition journey.

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