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RMK Property Management Verified plus badge
RMK Property Management

Cantonments, Labone, East Airport, East Legon

RMK Property Management

45 Listings


RMK Property Management is a real estate company formally established in 2013. Within our relati...

AGS Ghana Ltd Verified plus badge
AGS Ghana Ltd

Adenta Municipality, Greater Accra, Ghana

Toffic Owusu Wiredu

605 Listings

We understand that your home is your biggest investment. You can count on us, whether you want t...

Agastone Properties Verified plus badge
Agastone Properties

Spintex Road opposite Paloma Hotel


360 Listings


AGASTONE VENTURES is a multi professional company with vast knowledge and experience in the Real...

Coldwell Banker Commercial Ghana Verified plus badge
Coldwell Banker Commercial Ghana


Coldwell Banker Commercial Ghana

433 Listings


Coldwell Banker Commercial Ghana is a full-service real estate provider operating at the highest...

Nellis Real Estate Verified plus badge
Nellis Real Estate


Nellis Real Estate Limited

114 Listings

Nellis Real Estate is Ghana's partner for acquiring lands. Serving expatriates, individuals, an...

Dealer Properties Verified agent badge
Dealer Properties

East Legon, Accra

Emmanuella Anim Asare

46 Listings

Dealer Properties is a real estate agency company that specilaises in helping clients acquire th...

Big Apple Real estate and construction Verified agent badge
Big Apple Real estate and construction


Kofi Frimpong

156 Listings


Big Apple real estate and construction Ltd was incorporated in 2007 and has since embark on a fe...

Eban Solutions Ghana Ltd Verified plus badge
Eban Solutions Ghana Ltd

Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

Eban Solutions Ghana Ltd

215 Listings


Eban Solutions specializes in the rental, sale and management of residential and commercial prop...

Dikpe Estates Verified plus badge
Dikpe Estates


Dikpe Estates

19 Listings

We conduct extensive due diligence on properties within our portfolio and seek to offer customer...

Realty Connection Gh. Ltd. Verified agent badge
Realty Connection Gh. Ltd.

Tesano, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

Narteh Tetteh

36 Listings

Realty Connection focuses on the lease and sale of commercial and residential properties in and ...

Renperty Company Limited Verified agent badge
Renperty Company Limited


Renperty Properties

150 Listings

Renperty is a real estate company with the mandate of helping Ghanaians and other Investors whe...

EASTMIDAS PROPERTIES Verified plus badge

Accra,Tema,Airport Residential,Eastlegon,Adenta,Spintex


110 Listings


At Eastmidas we love what we do and pride ourselves on having a unique perspective on the proces...

Blue Bricks Limited (BBL) Verified plus badge
Blue Bricks Limited (BBL)

Blue Bricks Limited No. 25 Kofi Annan Avenue North Legon Accra.

Blue Bricks Limited

87 Listings


OUR MISSION To make the buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible while...

White Group Company Ltd. Verified plus badge
White Group Company Ltd.

East Legon

The White Group

319 Listings

THE WHITE GROUP COMPANY LTD began operations in 2005. We are well known for our distinguished le...

Victor Ayertey Kweku Verified owner badge
Victor Ayertey Kweku


1 Listing

Connecting people to their dream homes....

Light Tower Realty Verified plus badge
Light Tower Realty

Accra Ghana

Light Tower Realty

65 Listings


BLAISE Verified plus badge

Airport, Cantonment, Labone, Ridge, East Legon, Dzorwulu


27 Listings

Exotiq Properties Limited Verified plus badge
Exotiq Properties Limited

Spintex, East Legon, Airport

Exotiq Properties Team

105 Listings


In order to meet your expectations, we place high value on exclusivity, commitment and expertise...

Edmark Estate Agency Verified agent badge
Edmark Estate Agency

Edmark Estate Agency

1173 Listings


Edmark Estate Agency, offers a wide range of quality housing units including two, three and four...

Mirinda Realty Verified agent badge
Mirinda Realty


Vivian Owusu

313 Listings

We're an experienced real estate agency with a demonstrated history of working in the commercial...

Sancape Property Services Limited Verified plus badge
Sancape Property Services Limited

Sales/Lettings/Property Management/Project Management

Sancape Property Services Limited

17 Listings


Sancape Property Services Limited is a property consulting firm offering residential and commerc...

Willows Property Management Verified plus badge
Willows Property Management

North Ridge, Accra

Willows Property Management

6 Listings


Willows Property Management was borne out of a desire to do things better. Better service, bette...

HIBISCUS ESTATE Verified plus badge

Adenta,adjacent the CBG bank


2 Listings


Your reliable developers:Hibiscus estate limited is an investment and development company that i...

The Real Estate Shop Verified agent badge
The Real Estate Shop

Adenta - Ashiyie

The Real Estate Shop

2143 Listings

FRANKO PROPERTIES Verified agent badge

East legon, Dzowulu, Cantoment, Osu, Haatso, Madina, Lakeside estate, Accra

Frank Mensah

17 Listings

Franko Properties and consult are young real estate professionals that are committed to providin...

CPM Africa Limited Verified plus badge
CPM Africa Limited


Salifu Tiani Umar

3 Listings

Treasure Logistics Verified plus badge
Treasure Logistics

Accra Metropolitan (East Legon, Airport, Cantoments, Dworwulu, Ridge, Spintex,

Treasure Logistics

149 Listings

A real estate and logistics consult, Houses/Apartments for sale/rent, furnished/unfurnished, lon...

EAGLESDALE Properties Verified plus badge

East Legon, Accra, Ghana


609 Listings


At Eagles dale, we are highly-skilled meticulous realtors and designers who love the city of Acc...

Westfields Real Estate Verified plus badge
Westfields Real Estate

Airport City, Accra

Westfields Real Estate

151 Listings


Westfields Real Estate is an established and highly regarded property consultants with an experi...

Praemus Properties Verified agent badge
Praemus Properties

East Legon ,Mempeaeem ,north and west Legon

Charles Ani - Johnson

264 Listings

CBC Properties Verified plus badge
CBC Properties

Okponglo, La-Bawaleshie Road, Legon

CBC Properties Limited

267 Listings


CBC Properties (CBC Global Limited) is a registered Property Brokerage company. It is a fast gro...

Real Estate Broker Verified agent badge
Real Estate Broker


Gated Real Estate

57 Listings


4 years in French and Swiss markets and 6 years in the Ghanaian market ...

Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Ghana on meQasa

This page displays the list of Estate Agents and Brokers who have been listed on meQasa. This page also shows and explain some of the Brokers and Realtors terms to help both buyers and sellers understand important information before going into contract.

Who is an Agent?

At meQasa, we believe the meaning or the purpose of a Broker, Realtor or Broker Associate is to offer both the buyer and the seller an optimum satisfaction at both ends of a deal.

We help Agents reach these professional goals by advocating and
implementing branding programs.

Agents acts as negotiators, representatives or spokesperson to clients and shows favorable deals to them.

They also act professionally as Brokers or sometimes Realtors with license and use negotiating skills to win the client's contract. In foreign market this license can be either a sales professional license, an associate broker's license or a broker's license.

What to know about the Ghanaian Agents

In Ghana, most Agents are called Land Agents, House Agents or simply Agents. They are the frontmen or trustees when the deal involves high property valuation and sophisticated documents.

The nature of the Ghanaian Agent Industry focuses on most Agents connecting both parties, thus the buyer and the seller.

As a seller or a buyer, you must find the correct and suitable agent. Most Agents usually work on percentages of rates or commissions at both ends of the deal or transactions.

Breaking Down the Agent Professionals

Agents Performs two duties. Depending on whether they work for the buyer or the seller. When an Agent works for a buyer, they advise the buyers on available properties related and suitable for the buyer's price or strength.

When an Agent works for a Seller, they advice them and provide them with related clients and appropriate pricing standards and prepare the property documents and any other information ready for selling.

As a buyer, the best advice is to see to it that, the property you are buying has been professionally prepared by the Agent.

As a seller, you must also check or find a best Agent who organises and prepare your document to meet current standard in the Realtors Industry.

The following guidelines must be considered when finding or selecting a great estate agent in Ghana.

  1. Select the best. The best way to select the best Agent is to look through their reviews from their previous clients.
  2. Select an agent with the right credentials Credentials can be obtained or viewed by contacting these agents and asking for them.
  3. Research how long that agent has been in business
  4. Look at their current listings. Check the date submitted and time the listing has been placed online. Is it old or new? Most old listings may not be a good sign because a good Agent always sells.

Realtors Job Duties

The following are the Job duties of an Agent.

    1. The Agent requests, seeks and solicit potential clients to buy, rent and sell properties.
    2. An Agent has the capacity to learn information about his field and advise clients on mortgages, home loans, market conditions, and other related information about the property.
    3. Compare properties to arrive at the best price, best properties in a competitive environment.
    4. List properties for sale with details like location, price, features of properties and comparisons.
    5. The Agent promotes properties through advertisement, real estate website directories and other types of listings like news papers, radio and posters.
    6. Accompany prospects and clients by guiding and showing them new properties and convincing them of their advantages and disadvantages.
    7. Presents purchase attractive offers to sellers
    8. Has deeper knowledge in the terms and contracts or properties.
    9. Prepare documents such as purchase agreements, loyalty contracts and deeds.
  • Understanding the types of real estate properties

          The following explains and describes some of the types of real estate properties and the benefits of identifying their terms.

  • As a Seller, Buyer, Real Estate Salesperson, Realtor, Broker or Associate Broker, you must understand the relationships between all the types of properties like the land and the buildings on it.
  • You must identify the value of certain Geographical locations in-terms of economic impact on the area for business and other business opportunities. You must understand the relationship between the natural resources around these properties.  
  • These factors helps to valuate your property and arrive at a reasonable amount when pricing.
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Residential Real Estate consist of either a single family or the external family type available for occupation or for non - business purpose.
  • The following list some of the major categories of real estate property types.
    1. Apartment / Flat: This an individual or single unit in a multi-unit building. The boundaries of the apartment are defined by the perimeter of locked doors as in multi-story buildings.
    2. Multi-Family House : Often seen in multi-story separate buildings where each floor is a detached.
    3. Terraced House : A continues row of parallel or organized designed buildings with shared walls and no space.
    4. Condominium : A Composite building or complex related to apartments but owned by individuals. Neighbours often share common grounds and common within the complex.
    5. Cooperative: A type of multiple ownership in which the residents of a multi-unit housing complex own shares in the cooperative corporation that owns the property, giving each resident the right to occupy a specific apartment or unit.
    6. Semi Detached Duplex: A two unit building sharing a single wall.
    7. Detached Dwellings : This is a separate or detached house or a single family detached house.
    8. Mobile Homes / Residential Caravans : These are normally mobile homes which can be moved with caravans or through huge buses.
    9. Houseboats :Floating homes which are normally situated on built on boats or yachts.

Agent Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need an Agent?
    1. Agents are connected to professional networks and numerous list of properties.
    2. Agents are experienced with detailed information about Geographical areas, their culture and other personal neighbourhood information not gotten from the internet.
    3. Agents are marketers and salespersons. They have credible sources of information to get your listing or provide you with the right source of buyers or sellers.
  • Why do some Agents Charge Registration fees?
    1. Agent Commitment fee: Most Agents or Brokers charge commitment fees to enable them to see how serious clients are and also to bind them to the buyer or the seller. This makes both parties committed and also prevent the buyer or seller from contacting other Realtor or Agent.
    2. Agent Transport Fee: Sometimes these fees are termed as Transport fees to enable them to roam with you the buyer or potential tenant to the various property locations.
    3. Agent Consultation Fee: Some elite or professional agents term these charge are Consultation fee.
  • What are the qualities of a great Agent, Realtor or Associate Broker?
    1. Knowledge of the Locality: Most great Agents are profoundly knowledgeable about the neighbourhoods and vicinity with experience in customer service and Geographical locations.
    2. Attention to Detailed Information: A great Agent also has the patience to listen to clients needs and takes notes of information to arrive at the perfect suitable property for a client. Read more Agent Qualities from the above link.
  • What is an Agent average salary
  • According to, the median annual Agent salary is $40,140, as of June 28, 2017.
  • However calculating your monthly income as an Agent will depend on the total number of closed deals from clients, multiplied by the rate per charge to clients.
  • How do you become a successful and credible Agent, Broker, Associate Broker or Realtor?
    1. Collaborate or partner with other colleagues, associates and co-workers to gain maximum impact on clients as in being able to supply every demand as requested.
    2. Use Top Listing Directories like meqasa
    3. For as low as $50 a month you can list your properties on meqasa and gain more leads.
    4. Send stories to reporters or blog about your properties with paid services or free services like blogger to boost your image.
    5. Search for investors and vendors for leads.
    6. Don't disapprove or turn down any deal
    7. Always maintain connections and relationships with old clients and referrals.